Streaming Services

"We support All enterprises, Private Firm, Small business company and help them in way to enhance their business process and work efficiently through our latest technology solutions."

iSoft Technologies

We provide streaming solutions for content publishers to deliver their video SD as well as HD to the largest audience possible across any internet-connected device, with a streamlined workflow. We provide a varied streaming solution integrating a wide set of features like HD streaming, chroma integrations , auto trans-coding, recoding of live streams on content servers Feature like HD streaming at 1080p for live and on-demand video are integrated using industry-standard. Stream Live Content with Confidence Trust Your Streaming to Work :

Benefits of Using Streaming Technology :

  • Reach Any Device, Anywhere in world.
  • IP TV Streaming Anywhere in world.
  • Facebook Live Streaming.
  • YouTube Live Streaming.
  • Mobile Application (Android & IOS) Live Streaming 24x7.
  • Web live streaming 24x7.
  • Its Provide Monitoring (Dashboard) of Decoder Status.
  • 100% secured network delivery of your videos.
  • 24/7 Technical Support.