Case Studies

Models of operation

supports four modes of inserting regional ads, news, sports, traffic, weather and full-length programs at cable headends and other points of re-transmission. Methods include both SDI and stream-splicing.

Centralized model

All playout streams are originated in the headquarters. i-Soft’s i-Player playout automation controls the main TV channels as well as all related secondary/regional insertion channels. All equipment is operated in the central facility with all necessary redundancy. It’s easy to build and maintain. i-Copier makes sure all programming material and ad spots are transferred in time to the proper playout devices with i-Player playout ensuring they’re aired frame accurately, with as-run logs posted to traffic for verification. Last minute changes are instant and easy to do. i-Soft ’s monitoring GUI shows the flow of all channels on a single screen, and highlights all possible problems long before they can affect the broadcast delivery.